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Our Vision

  • We will be a great REGIONAL University connected to businesses and industry and to our local communities
  • We will work with our Schools, Colleges and Partners to continue to RAISE ASPIRATIONS and improve progression in the region into Higher Education
  • We will be connected LOCALLY contributing to local social and economic development and to improve the local education standards of our community
  • We will offer flexible, inclusive and ACCESSIBLE COURSES supporting study anytime and anywhere
  • We will work with PARTNERS, in education and business, to extend our provision of relevant Staffordshire University awards locally, nationally and internationally
  • We will be connected to INTERNATIONAL partners, giving our students and staff an international experience and giving them access to the best knowledge from across the world
  • We will be connected NATIONALLY to education providers, employers, influential stakeholders such as government, professional statutory and regulatory bodies, and alumni to generate knowledge collectively and to ensure the very best opportunities and learning for our students
  • We will be connected INTERNALLY so that we work as a team across boundaries with a relentless focus on putting our STUDENTS FIRST







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