Staffordshire University

Person Specification

Job Title:

Web Manager


Marketing and Communications

The qualifications, experience, knowledge, skills and behaviours outlined above provide a summary of what is required to carry out this job effectively. They also form the selection criteria on which a decision to appointment will be made. Please ensure that you provide evidence of how you meet the criteria in your application.

No Selection Criteria Description Essential [E] or
Desirable [D]
by *
1 Possess a degree or, relevant experience of web management for a large enterprise CMS based website. E A/I
2 An understanding of modern front-end development languages and basic ability to code. E A/I
3 Experience of managing a team. D A/I
4 Strong programme and project management skills with the ability to deliver in-line with objectives, within agreed timescales and in budget. E A/I
5 Proven experience and proficiency in the area of web and/or content governance including the ability to design, implement and maintain governance models and workflow to ensuring accuracy and quality of information published on a large to enterprise scale. E A/I
6 Proven experience and understanding of the full web development lifecycle. E A/I
7 Experience and understanding of working across a complex internal group of stakeholders. D A/I
8 Experience and understanding of user-centred design principles. D A/I
9 Experience of Atomic Design/UI pattern libraries. D A/I
10 Change orientated and proactive approach with the ability to adapt to fast pace changing HE environment aligned to multiple priorities whilst successfully meeting deadlines. E A/I
11 Excellent analytical skills and attention to detail, with the ability to quickly and logically analyse complex data/issues and develop appropriate solutions to problems. E A/I
12 A strong team player with an inclusive and purposeful team-based approach. E A/I
13 Willingness to work flexibly. E A/I
14 An understanding of the University’s strategy and values, with the ability to demonstrate behaviours that align to the values E I

* A - Application Form   I - Interview