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Person Specification

Job Title:

Associate Project Manager


Digital Services

The qualifications, experience, knowledge, skills and behaviours outlined above provide a summary of what is required to carry out this job effectively. They also form the selection criteria on which a decision to appointment will be made. Please ensure that you provide evidence of how you meet the criteria in your application.

No Selection Criteria Description Essential [E] or
Desirable [D]
by *
1 Project Management: Good experience of managing projects and an understanding of the principles, methods, techniques and tools for the effective management of projects from initiation through to implementation. E A/I
2 Progress Reporting: Basic understanding of the methods and techniques for reporting progress and financial conformance against an agreed plan. E A/I
3 Attention to Detail: The ability to apply appropriate quality standards to all tasks undertaken and ensuring that nothing is overlooked. E A/I
4 Customer Focus: Self-motivated, well organised and positive approach to work with the ability to manage workload and experience of dealing with challenging and demanding customers. E A/I
5 Interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills: Effective negotiation and influencing skills with demonstrable strong facilitation skills, excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills with the ability to translate often complex information into easy-to-understand messages for a range of audiences. E A/I
6 Project Planning and Control Techniques: The ability to apply methods and techniques associated with planning and monitoring progress of projects. E A/I
7 Relevant First Degree or equivalent qualification or experience. D A/I
8 Influence, Persuasion and Personal impact: Confident and self-assured with the ability to develop effective relationships with key stakeholders across the University and positively influence and persuade others to take a specific course of action when there is no direct line of command. D A/I
9 Digital Essentials: Agile delivery - Understand the advantages and disadvantages of agile delivery methods vs more traditional methods of product and service delivery. D A/I

* A - Application Form   I - Interview