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Person Specification

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Network Engineer


Digital Services

The qualifications, experience, knowledge, skills and behaviours outlined above provide a summary of what is required to carry out this job effectively. They also form the selection criteria on which a decision to appointment will be made. Please ensure that you provide evidence of how you meet the criteria in your application.

No Selection Criteria Description Essential [E] or
Desirable [D]
by *
1 Networking and Communications. An understanding of networking and communications related concepts such as topological design, switching and routing, network security, WIFI, VPN and Software Defined Networking. E A/I
2 Configuration Management. An understanding of enterprise network architecture and the ability to perform installation, maintenance and configuration, including but not limited to hardware installation, data port patching, software upgrades and incident resolution. E A/I
3 Network Monitoring & Traffic Analysis. Knowledge of the methods and techniques for monitoring networks to determine network health. E A/I
4 Networking Protocols. An understanding of the rules for the inter-operation of networking components for voice, data and video. E A/I
5 Cloud / Virtualisation. An understanding of the deployment and management of cloud-based solutions and/or Virtualised environments; Server and Desktop Virtualisation; IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service); SaaS (Software as a Service); SDDC (Software Defined Data Centre). E A/I
6 Initiative. Being proactive, anticipating opportunities for service improvement and taking appropriate action(s). E A/I
7 Attention to Detail. The ability to apply appropriate quality standards to all tasks undertaken and ensuring that nothing is overlooked. E A/I
8 Analytical Thinking. Understanding a problem or situation by breaking it down systematically into its component parts and identifying the relationships between these parts, selecting the appropriate method/tool to resolve the problem and reflecting critically on the result. E A/I
9 Customer Focus. Self-motivated, well organised and positive approach to work with the ability to manage and prioritise a complex workload and experience of dealing with challenging and demanding customers; whilst understanding the needs of the internal or external customer needs/requirements and regularly checking with the customer when taking actions or making decisions. E I
10 Interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills: Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills with the ability to translate often complex information into easy to understand messages for a range of audiences. E I
11 Team Work: Effective and committed team player able to work successfully with others and to build positive working relationships. Ability to work in a cross functional team across the department and University. E I
12 Qualifications. Degree in a related computing subject or equivalent qualifications or experience. E A
13 Network Automation and Programmability - Knowledge or experiencing in scripting D I

* A - Application Form   I - Interview