Staffordshire University

Person Specification

Job Title:

Online and Distance Learning Designer


Academic Quality and Development

The qualifications, experience, knowledge, skills and behaviours outlined above provide a summary of what is required to carry out this job effectively. They also form the selection criteria on which a decision to appointment will be made. Please ensure that you provide evidence of how you meet the criteria in your application.

No Selection Criteria Description Essential [E] or
Desirable [D]
by *
1 A degree and post-graduate qualification (or a degree and equivalent experience) in a relevant discipline. E A
2 Membership of relevant professional bodies e.g., ALT, Advance HE D A
3 In-depth understanding of social media platforms and scheduling tools D A
4 Evidence of practical application of current pedagogical theory and design in a digital setting E A/I
5 Evidence of development of learning resources for online delivery for staff CPD in the Higher Education Sector E A/I
6 Examples of influencing curriculum re-design and change of pedagogic approach using learning technology and multimedia tools E A/I
7 Awareness of compliance issues, such as copyright and accessibility, relating to the development and use of educational resources E A/I
8 Example of course design and matrix mapping across different levels of courses, including distance learning, microcredentials, and short courses E A/I
9 An understanding of virtual learning environments E A/I
10 An ability to motivate & inspire individuals, particularly in relation to digital innovations E A/I
11 Current knowledge and experience of quality assurance and quality management issues in HE; and experience of applying this knowledge to their work E A/I
12 Evidence of developing benchmarks and KPIs and carrying out impact assessments and evaluations related to these E A/I
13 An understanding of the University’s strategy and values, with the ability to demonstrate behaviours that align to the values E A/I

* A - Application Form   I - Interview